Scratch Kitchen

Scratch Kitchen

The Barnyard is proud to provide our guests with high-quality food, beautifully presented and lovingly prepared in our scratch kitchen.

Chef Mortazavi has created our own special recipes for absolutely everything, from the batter on our fish, crispy cauliflower, seasonal soup, and our handcrafted specialty deserts. Our menu reflects our passion for food paired with beverages influenced through travel and experience.

Making an entire meal from scratch requires time and preparation. We insist on freshness in all we do. We put in the work because we care about the food we place before you. We believe in quality over quantity. The Barnyard puts the same care into sourcing our ingredients as we do into preparing them. We source our produce, fish, meat, grains, and other ingredients from multiple purveyors to maximize freshness and confidence in the quality of our food. Many of the herbs and garnishes are grown on property in our herb garden.

Nothing beats a meal cooked entirely from scratch. The fresh ingredients, the rich flavors, the sounds and smells of food sizzling in a pan. We are creating each offering specifically for you and your family from scratch ingredients and we believe it deserves to be the very best we are capable of serving.

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